Lord Of Light

Album: A Matter Of Life And Death (2006)


  • This song asks you to imagine a whole range of places between Heaven and Hell, and that Lucifer is, in fact, the "Lord of Light" downstairs. >>
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    mike - Orleans, IN

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  • Caitlin from Colmesneil, TxI think this song can also kind of tie in with the rest of the album war theme in a way too, because if you put it in a political connotation, this actually could kind of talk about how during conflicts, world leaders expect you to give your life to causes that are oftened rooted in corruption or evil. They want you to "sell your soul to the devil" so to speak. I'm a pacifist, so I don't believe in war, but if the album's concept was supposed to have been inspired by the Cold War, this interpretation would be pretty fitting of that, especially with some of the things that we now know went on in the Soviet Union before it broke up. Maybe I'm just reading into it a tad too much though. Ah, well. May not be my favorite Maiden tune, but a decent song nonetheless.
  • Overkill from Ann Arber, MiI think this song is from the point of view of a fallen angel, hence the sympathy towards Lucifer and anger at God.

    This song is excellent like the rest of the album!
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