The Love You're Given

  • Jack Garratt told NME the story behind this song: "It came from an emotion in me of yearning for someone to take care of themselves. That empathy we feel for the people we love the most, who seem unaware how much they're loved. This song looks at that selfishness, with the idea 'You should take care of yourself, because then I'll be happier.' An interesting way of expressing one's ego."
  • This was released as the first single from Jack Garratt's debut album, Phase. Asked by where the title came from, he replied: "Phase stood out to me because of the different meanings it has. Things in the natural world have phases and I'm really interested in the cyclical nature of life. I like the idea of how our memories are cyclical too and that feeds into it. Also this record is a phase, hopefully the first phase of my career, it's my first three years."


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