Album: Phase (2014)
Charted: 67
  • When Jack Garratt was suffering from writer's block, he decided to team up with the Danish producer Carassius Gold to break his creative standstill. "The idea we had was to write a song in the style of Justin Timberlake that could be used in a J Pop track," he explained to Gigwise. "That's was what we were going for. And after the first day we had this beat and the chorus for 'Worry' sorted."

    "At the end of that day I sat him down and I went we'll come back tomorrow and finish this off because I want this song," Garratt continued. "I want this for myself. This could be a really interesting direction to go into."
  • Garratt later returned to Denmark and spent a week finishing the track off for his debut Remnants EP. "The song itself is similar to what the whole Remnants EP was about; the ideas of obsessions and how unhealthy they can be and how forceful to ourselves about needing them," he explained. "'Worry' for example is obsessing over the idea. It's not being able to come to terms with the fact that someone is over you and so instead you tell yourself that they're not. But through that you are telling them it's alright to [it's] over."


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