Jack Johnson

May 18, 1975

Jack Johnson Artistfacts

  • Johnson makes modern surf music. It's acoustic with hints of folk, blues and reggae, but it's all inspired by the ocean. He told Rolling Stone magazine: "Just get me out in the ocean, really. I've become dependent on it. It's hard when you start an addiction at age five."
  • He majored in film at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
  • Jack quit pro surfing because of a nearly fatal accident. Before that, he surfed everyday. He grew up in Hawaii, where his whole family surfed, including his father, famous surfer Jeff Johnson. He started out by making surfing videos and creating his own music to serve as background music. People began bootlegging his stuff, so he took music more seriously. >>
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  • A collaboration with Garrett Dutton of G. Love and Special Sauce in 1999 helped Johnson gain attention from the music industry. He appeared on their song "Rodeo Clowns" from their album Philadelphonic.
  • He is one of the only musicians to appear in ESPN Magazine (Shaquille O'Neal doesn't count).
  • Guitarist Ben Harper played as a sideman on Johnson's 2001 album.
  • Before his music career took off, he had a sponsorship from Quiksilver for surfing gear.
  • His surfing video, Thicker Than Water, won the 2000 Video of the Year award from Surfer magazine. Another video, The September Sessions, earned accolades from the ESPN Film Festival.
  • In 2002 he started his own record label called Brushfire Records, named after his album Brushfire Fairytales.
  • He provided the soundtrack for the 2006 movie Curious George, which was an animated film about a mischievous monkey. The Curious George soundtrack became Johnson's first #1 album and the first soundtrack to an animated film to hit #1 in over 10 years. The song "Upside Down" became Johnson's first Top 40 single.
  • Johnson is passionate about environmentalism. His album Sleep Through The Static was made entirely with solar energy.
  • He's friends with Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder, who also loves to surf. >>
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  • Jack Johnson was in a punk band called Limber Chicken at high school. His From Here To Now To You track, "Tape Deck," tells the story of the group.

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  • Jarryd from Upper Sandusky, Ohlol i think he ment his wife is a high school teacher, and he makes her breakfast before she goes to work. Aside from that, Jack Johnson is a genius when it comes to the lyrics he writes.
  • Christina from Traverse, Midamn his voice is amazing
  • Ken from Dupont, PaHe cooks breakfast for his high school teacher's wife? Why? He must've really liked that high school teacher.
  • Lisa from Bangalore, IndiaHe lives in a one-bedroom apartment in Santa Barbara and wakes up at 6:30 every morning to cook his high school teacher wife breakfast.
  • Francois from Cleveland, OhI believe Jack Johnson and Ben Harper are two of the best song artists of our time. Jack's whole feel of freedom and easiness is truely the new wave of musicical sound for an entire generation of human beings. Listening to his music is like a fresh breath of clean air. What more could you want from good music but the complete simple feeling of happiness and joy. Everyone can gain some sort of piece of mind from his music.
  • Kari from Chicago, IlI Love his new album. I listen to it everday on the way to work downtown. It's really chill and mellow. It's fun and easy going. Definately one of my favorite albums of the year.

    Kari, Chicago, IL
  • Danny from Sydney, AustraliaJack Johnson is definately one of the best songwriters that there is around today.
  • Josh from Hauula, HiHe graduated from my current school Kahuku High and Intermediate on the North Shore of Oahu. That's a great source of school pride, but I hate his music personally.
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