Shine On, Harvest Moon

Album: Ziegfeld Follies (1908)
  • Absolutely not to be confused with Neil Young's "Harvest Moon", this much earlier song is a standard that first appeared in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1908; the sheet music credits it words by Jack Norworth, music by Nora Bayes-Norworth, copyright Jerome H. Remick of New York and Detroit. It was published the same year in London, also, by Francis, Day & Hunter.
    Nora Bayes (1880-1928) was a well known vaudeville star, and Jack Norworth (1879-1959) was the second of her five husbands! They married the same year it was debuted to great acclaim.
  • Rumor has it, some people question who actually wrote this song in whole or in part. It's easy to make unsubstantiated claims concerning the authorship of a song, as the daughter of Al Dubin did about "Among My Souvenirs," especially with older songs like these. At the time, and even much later, songs were sometimes sold outright and the purchaser would go on record as the author. Sometimes too, songs were even stolen, probably the most outrageous and visible examples of this were the antics of A.P. Carter, whose biggest rip off was "Wildwood Flower."
    Some sources credit Edward Madden and Gus Edwards as the writers; at least one other possible author has been named.
  • Nora and Jack recorded "Shine On, Harvest Moon" for the Victor Talking Machine Company in New York on March 7, 1910, but it was never released, apparently for technical reasons.
    The song even went into Charles B. Cochran's 1931 Revue, where it replaced Noël Coward's "Half-Caste Woman," and in 1944 lent its name to a biopic about its authors (starring Ann Sheridan and Dennis Morgan in the lead roles). >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 3
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