Album: Motivation (2020)


  • JAGMAC, a Baltimore group comprised of six siblings of Polish and Filipino descent (the letters in their name represent the first names of each member: Jared, Angelique, Gabriel, Manny, Alyssa, CJ), get fired up on this track, where they're determined to grind it out until they make it.

    "'Motivation' was definitely a fun song to create!" Alyssa Patalinghug told Songfacts. "Once we came up with the concept, the rest was history. This particular song means so much to us because it talks about our own true story of trying to make it in the music industry. It shows the challenges of hard work and the struggles of the daily grind. These are real things that almost everyone experiences on a daily basis. We wanted to show how focusing on your blessings even though things may not be perfect can help to keep you motivated in fulfilling your own personal dreams. What motivates us as a group is that we're on this musical journey together, as a family, doing what we love to do. And the best part is that we always have each other to depend on. That's our motivation every single day!"
  • The six Patalinghug siblings wrote this with the songwriters EZI (Esther Zyskind) and Lena Leon, both of whom are also artists specializing in high-energy pop music.
  • JAGMAC got a break in 2018 when they earned the endorsement of Radio Disney, which named them the "Next Big Thing" for the month of April. The group has a substantial social media following among young people, mostly on TikTok.


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