I'll Come Too

Album: Assume Form (2019)
  • Many of the tracks on Assume Form are odes to James Blake's girlfriend, actress Jameela Jamil, and their life in Los Angeles. This dreamy-eyed song of complete emotional immersion finds the singer chasing his crush from New York to LA.

    Oh, you're going to New York?
    I'm going there
    Why don't I come with you?
    Oh, you've changed to LA?
    I'm going there, I can go there too

    Blake told Apple Music it's a true story of blissful infatuation. "When you fall in love, the practical things go out the window, a little bit," he said. "And you just want to go to wherever they are."
  • The bird-tastic music video was directed by Matt Meech, renowned for his work as an editor on BBC's Planet Earth and The Blue Planet. Utilizing footage from Planet Earth II, the clip follows the fictional love story of unrequited love between a penguin and an albatross.

    Blake had the idea for the video after spotting a photograph of two birds taking flight in a hotel lobby. He told the BBC: "You could see their wings about to unfurl and I had this light bulb moment of, 'Why don't we use animals to tell the story somehow?'"

    The singer contacted Meech through his website, asking if there was any appropriate footage in the archives. Said Meech: "I remembered some footage that we didn't use on Planet Earth II that I thought might be useful. Both birds look quirky, elegant and beautiful, the Albatrosses have an unusual mating dance, which the penguins watch from afar and the mysterious backdrop of the Snares island, off the coast of Southern New Zealand, is a truly unique landscape."


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