Groovy Little Summer Song

Album: Shake What God Gave Ya (2010)
  • This is the first single from Country music artist James Otto's third studio album, Shake What God Gave Ya. The song was written by Otto, along with Al Anderson and Carson Chamberlain.
  • Otto explained the cut to his hometown station, Nashville's WSM-FM: "It celebrates all the things you love about summer. It's got that groovy, country-soul sound that really sets the tone for the whole record."
  • This song was inspired by the shag music of South Carolina, which Otto listened to when he grew up. He explained to The Boot: "I did hear it some growing up. My actual first real shag experience was from Alabama's song, 'Shagging on the Boulevard.' I heard that, and then I got more into shag music... it's a soulful sound, and it embodies that beach sound, and that's what we wanted to do was to bring summer into your mind and really celebrate all the great things about summer. It was a light-hearted, fun take on what makes a lot of summer songs as popular as they are. People want to feel that wind-in-your-hair, top-down kind of thing that summer's all about."


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