Album: La Petite Morte (2014)


  • This La Petite Morte bonus track was written in tribute to the likes of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. "Seeing as these people are heroes, they should be given medals. It makes me furious," lead singer Tim Booth told The Guardian. "They're doing a public service for people and exposing what's going on in governments, and yet they become outcasts – they give up their lives to give up that information. That's heroism."
  • Edward Snowden is a contractor who worked for the National Security Agency. After releasing top secret NSA documents to American journalists in Hong Kong, he trvalled on to Moscow where he sought asylum. The affair has increased tensions between Russia and the United States.

    Bradley Manning was sentenced on August 21, 2013 to 35 years in prison for leaking secret government files to Wikileaks, whilst serving in the US army.

    Other songs inspired by the whisleblowers on our database include:

    "Dead Man Talking" by Architects
    "Giant's Rolling Pin" by Tori Amos.


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