We Run Things

Album: The Pursuit (2009)
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  • Jamie Cullum discussed this song in publicity materials: "I wrote this with my neighbour KG – he's a Hip-Hop producer and worked on a lot of the early All Saints tracks – and my brother. It's a breakbeat song. We wrote it in one afternoon round KG's house. It's a very dark lyric. Essentially, it's a "don't (naughty word) with me, don't (naughty word) with things" sort of song."
  • All the songs on The Pursuit originated at Terrified Studios and in Cullum's kitchen before recording moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2008 with producer and long-time associate Greg Wells and Beck's backing band. While the time in LA proved productive, some of the work from Jamie's kitchen made it to the final product. "We realised there were some things we couldn't recreate in any studio," Cullum revealed, "There's a Rhodes solo on a song called 'We Run Things' which I played on two different organs in LA but in the end we used the performance I recorded in my little kitchen in London!"


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