Jamie T.

January 8, 1986
  • Jamie Alexander Treays was born in Wimbledon, South London. He was privately educated at Hall School, Wimbledon, then Reed's School in Cobham Surrey, alma mater of tennis player Tim Henman and actor Tom Hardy.
  • Treays began playing at open mic nights in south west London under the name of Jamie T, after attending one held by Alfie xxx, then of Larrikin Love.
  • Jamie T is bedevilled by high level anxiety. Asked by Q magazine how his condition manifests itself, he replied: "Hyperventilating, OCD, tics, vomiting, fainting. Take your pick mate."

    "It really depends on how I'm feeling that month and what's affecting me and what's making me particularly aware of myself. It changes. But it's always there."
  • The title of Jamie T's debut album, Panic Prevention, addressed his anxiety disorder and even sampled a self-help CD that he'd tried to use to alleviate the crippling symptoms.
  • Jamie T's first UK Top 10 hit "Calm Down Dearest" was released a week after he turned 21.
  • In 2015 Jamie T returned from a five-year absence with his album Carry On The Grudge, winning three accolades at that year's NME Awards, including Best Song and Video for "Zombie."


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