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Album: Thirty One (2015)
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  • This is a deeply personal song about the emotional baggage of a past relationship. Kramer admitted to Taste of Country that writing about such personal feelings isn't always easy. "I was scared at first about even writing it, but why I love country music is because I was able to grow as an artist professionally and personally because of songs that help me, that I listen to on the radio," she said. "So I want people to listen to the song and be like, 'Wow. I get that and it's either going to help me move on or be happier.'"
  • Kramer knew that this was a song that she had to write. She told Billboard magazine: "I had walked into a writing appointment with Catt Gravitt and Jimmy Robbins and I told them, 'Guys, I have to write this song.' This is the one song I needed for the album, I want it to be as raw as possible. It was personal. This is everything we've been through and it sucked, but this is the last time I have to let go of the heartbreak and let it be the last time I sang about him or anything. That's how we approached it in the first verse and the second was about taking off the ring. It was a very therapeutic day, to say the least."


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