Crazy Town

Album: Wide Open (2009)
Charted: 51
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  • This song is about making it as a singer in Nashville. AOL asked Aldean if the song hit home. He replied: "If people want to know what it's like to be an artist and move to this town, [this song] hits the nail on the head. There are a ton of singers in this town, and it's all about finding what sets you apart from everybody else. Sometimes that takes years. You have to have thick skin. This town will chew you up in a heartbeat; you've got to be able to walk into a record label and have them not really care that you're there, half-ass listen to the stuff that you're playing and basically tell you to go home. I went through all that stuff."
  • Rodney Clawson and Brett Jones penned this up-tempo country rock song in which the narrator describes the Nashville music scene as being a "crazy town." Jones told the story behind the song to The Boot: "I was on my way to Rodney's office to write with him. Driving across town, I was thinking what a crazy town Nashville was! I've been writing songs for 20 years now, and some years are good and some years are not good. One year, you'll make a lot of money, and then the next year you won't make any money. But that's just part of being a songwriter.
    I went through this hot streak in the late '90s when I had four #1 records in a row... and then it got cold for about three or four years. Then it started getting hot again when I had a big hit on Montgomery Gentry, 'What Do You Think About That.' But then it got cold again for another few years. Now, all of a sudden, it's getting hot again. I just had a No. 1 hit in March with Billy Currington, ''That's How Country Boys Roll.' So this is what was going through my mind when I was driving over to Rodney's to write with him that day -- that it's a crazy town!

    When I got to Rodney's office, I told him I was thinking about the 'crazy town' idea. He said, 'OK, that's the one we want to write.'
    We've all had similar experiences in this music business. Jason, myself and Rodney have all had people telling us, 'No, your songs aren't any good; you'll never make it.' We've all heard that and lived through that, but you can't ever give up. When we were writing that lyric: 'To be a star, you gotta bang, bang bang,' that's what we were thinking -- that you come to town, you bang on a guitar, you make a lot of noise and you don't give up. And if you get a 'no' when you bang on some doors, you've just got to knock on a lot more doors until you get a 'yes.'
    I've known Jason a really long time, since he first came to Nashville. He and I wrote at Warner Bros. together. He's one of my favorite people in this town. Not only do I admire him as an artist, I admire him as a person. He's very tenacious. He came to Nashville and did so many showcases and kept getting turned down. But he never gave up.
    What's really weird is, this song actually wound up sounding just like Jason's story. Like the lyric, 'Roll into town, step off the bus / Shake off that where-you-came-from dust / Grab your guitar, walk down the street ... '

    Rodney wrote a couple of other songs for Jason, 'Amarillo Sky' and 'Johnny Cash,' so we were both hoping he might want to record this one. And he almost did record it for his last album, but for some reason didn't. But he liked it so much that he remembered it and recorded it for his last album, so it all magically worked out the way it was supposed to."

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  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn this day in 2010 {June 13th} "Crazy Town"* by Jason Aldean peaked at #2 {for 5 weeks} on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart, for the first three weeks it was at #2, the #1 record for those three weeks was "The House That Built Me" by Miranda Lambert, and for it's fourth and fifth weeks at #2, "Water" by Brad Paisley was in the top spot...
    As noted above, "Crazy Town" reached #51 on Billboard's Top 100 chart...
    Between 2005 and 2019 the Macon, Georgia native had fifty three records on the Hot Country Singles chart, thirty two made the Top 10 with ten reaching #1...
    Five of his fifty three charted records were duets, one each with Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, Colt Ford, Jordan Rager, and Tyler Farr...
    Plus he charted as a member of a trio with Luke Bryan and Eric Church {The Only Way I Know", #5 in 2012}...
    Jason Aldean Williams celebrated his 43rd birthday four months ago on February 28th, 2020...
    * "Crazy Town" was Jason Aldean's first of six of his records to peak at #2 on the Hot Country Songs chart...
    And from the 'For What It's Worth' department, the remainder of the Hot Country Songs' Top 10 on June 13th,2010:
    At #3. "Water" by Brad Paisley
    #4. "The Man I Want To Be" by Chris Young
    #5. "She Won't Be Lonely Long" by Clay Walker
    #6. "I Gotta Get To You" by George Strait
    #8. "Gimme That Girl" by Joe Nichols
    #7. "Rain Is A Good Thing" by Luke Bryan
    #9. "Undo It" by Carrie Underwood
    #10. "I Keep On Loving You" by Reba McEntire
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