Don't Change Gone

Album: Old Boots, New Dirt (2014)


  • This Neil Thrasher, Tony Martin and Wendell Mobley penned song finds Aldean singing about about how the pain over a broken relationship can still be there, even after making changes to your life. Aldean told "In songs like that I look for it to be real. I look for it to be something that sort of is the emotion; I feel like you would feel or I felt in the past. You want it to be something that is believable that tells a story; tells it in a way where it's believable for people and when they hear that song like "man I remember the girl who I dated in high school and we broke up. I haven't seen her in ten years. The last time I saw her she was married to this guy.'"

    "Whatever it is, you're like man she was the one, I always thought she was the one. There is people like that out there that when they hear those songs, it brings all these emotions back to them. That's what you want out of songs like that; you want them to hear those songs and get flooded with all these different emotions and things that stir up these feelings that maybe they forgot about or maybe they are going through it at that particular point."


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