I Don't Do Lonely Well

Album: Night Train (2012)


  • This Neil Thrasher, Tom Shapiro and Chuck Wicks written power ballad features some distinctive guitar played on an EVO. Aldean explained to Billboard magazine: "I'm a huge Alabama fan, so to me it was always cool to show that you could do this and also do that, and do them both well."

    "When you go in, you don't always have to reinvent the wheel with a song," he added, "it can be just little things you change around in production. That little backwards guitar, it's just something that people just don't use. We have a wah wah on this record, and EVO and stuff that, people just think that ain't cool to use any more. I think it's cool, nobody uses 'em any more, but we do. And it just sounds different, it's not so clean, it's not so technically right. I could go in and make a record that sounds perfect, but that gets boring to me after a while. I want to hear stuff that's different, that I can't hear on another record."
  • Co-writer Chuck Wicks recorded his own version for his 2016 Turning Point album. I go out and play the song live, and people will come up and say 'Your version is a lot different than Jason's,' but I love both versions," Wicks told Billboard magazine. "To me, that speaks volumes about the song."


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