Show You Off

Album: Old Boots, New Dirt (2014)


  • Aldean told why he recorded this Neil Thrasher, Tony Martin and Brett Beavers penned tune. "I just liked what it was saying," he explained. "You have a girl that you're into and you think she is the best thing you've ever seen in your life and so you want to go make all your friends jealous and go, 'Hey, my girl is beautiful and ya'll can all look, but you can't touch,' kind of thing."

    "I think that's sort of was basically what the song was about and I thought it was a fun song something that I thought would be really cool for our show," Aldean continued. "Every guy that's in the crowd out there with their girlfriends going to be going 'that's my song.' He's riding in the truck with his girl and they are cruising the strip in their hometown or whatever it is; you got your girlfriend sitting in the front seat with you and that's basically what you are doing. Showing her off to everybody and saying, 'Hey, she's in my truck, not yours so keep looking but keep driving too.'"


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