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  • This digital single is taken from singer-songwriter Jason Reeves' album, Lovesick. The song was released on February 15, 2011.

    Speaking about the album, Reeves told us: "The idea is really that we are all the lovesick. Not just me, but I would absolutely include myself in that. There isn't a song with the title, but every song definitely follows that theme. It's kind of a story, from song to song through the album, it pretty much follows the actual story of my life while I was writing it. And you kind of just have to listen to it to see what happens. But it's a very beautiful and tragic thing. And The Lovesick is not necessarily all bad. It sounds bad, but it's meant to mean both good and bad things."
  • Reeves wrote the tune with Danelle Leverett, who is one half the Country duo The JaneDear Girls, and with fellow Sony songwriter Jordan Lawhead. The threesome also penned the track "Free Ride" for The JaneDear Girls self-titled debut album.
  • Reeves explained the song's meaning in publicity materials: "It's a twisted take on a classic children's rhyme. It's strength and defiance in the face of a lover's disintegration. It's armor for a fragile heart and an anthem for the breaking unbroken."


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