Feelin' Me

Album: Creation Creator (2020)
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  • "Feelin' Me" is the first major label release from the Los Angeles based singer-guitarist Jason Taylor. Issued on Mi5 Recordings, it's part of his EP Creation Creator. "This song was written from stillness, mostly," Taylor told Songfacts. "It's amazing how effortlessly the pieces fit together when you get out of your own way. I was sitting with my acoustic guitar and started to hear some notes in my head. This was definitely one of the most complex riffs I've ever written. It took me quite a while to work out the finger-picking in the right hand along with the left hand sliding and pull-offs. I was beginning to do a lot of yoga at the time, and learning to send love to my own heart. As a guy who grew up in a broken home in upstate New York, I was constantly in battle with myself. I wanted this song to feel like the end of a yoga class, when everyone just lies flat on their back and soaks up the sweet results of an intense full-body workout. It became a self-love anthem for me."
  • Taylor was going though a time of physical and spiritual upheaval when he wrote this song. He described the process and his thought process to Songfacts: "I rewrote the verses several times... I was going through this spiritual awakening and I just didn't know how to translate it into the song. As my journey became more turbulent, I broke my neck and was seriously injured in a car accident, I kept returning to a deeper stillness to cope with the pain. I found peace deep in my core despite the sharp pains in my body. As I continued to dive deeper, I found external people and circumstances disturbing the peace, causing even more pain. I began seeking ancient wisdom. I found that by using breath to loosen the parts of my body that were dense with pain, and using visualization to channel the purest love, like the presence and healing touch of my grandmother, I began to actually feel better. By finding love for myself I was later able to start sending others to my heart space, those I loved and those who angered me. By creating a peaceful vibration within, I began to know a peaceful world without. My life's circumstances, and those who surrounded me, began to change. They began to know and love me deeper, all as a result of getting to know and love myself."
  • Darryl Swann, who co-produced Macy Gray's 2001 album The Id, was at the controls for this track.


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