The Other Side

Album: Heaux Tales (2021)


  • Jazmine Sullivan recorded this song for Heaux Tales, an album where she explores feminism, body-shaming and how some women use their allure to gain material wealth. Here, she sings of a girl stuck in a dead-end job, who is struggling to pay her rent. She dreams of a lavish lifestyle and concludes her only way out is to utilize her beauty to hook a millionaire.

    I'ma move to Atlanta
    I'ma find me a rapper
    He gon' buy me a booty
    Let me star in the movie

    Sullivan explained to The Guardian why she wrote a song about a woman wishing to use her body to fulfil her dreams. "I was surfing Instagram and seeing a lot of beautiful girls, and I was fascinated with their lives - and obviously, their physical appearance and what it brought for them," she said. "Me, I've never experienced that kind of attention for, you know, that particular thing. So I can't write about her enough!"
  • Heaux Tales is Sullivan's fourth album; its title is a slang word that refers to a female who sleeps around. The songstress explained to The Guardian she wanted to examine lust, desire and empowerment from a woman's perspective. "I want to kind of get to the root of why people do certain things," she said. "That's more important than the outcome. As a society, we focus on the outcome, and we label people based off that, but we don't really know the meat of the story of why people are the way they are."


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