He's My Best Friend

Album: Spilt Milk (1993)


  • This song is an obvious ode to masturbation. Some of the evidence:

    "I've known him all my life"

    "At 13 we shook hands"

    "My hand's a five-leaf clover, it's palm Sunday over and over." >>
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    Ashley - Winnipeg, Canada
  • This song wasn't going to be included on the album, but it made the cut when the band decided it could provide a breath of humor and fresh air to the set.
  • Jellyfish was an early-'90s band that fit none of the trends of the time. Neither hair metal nor grunge, they pedalled in psychedelic pop, which made it hard to get much airplay. The songwriters in the group were lead singer Andy Sturmer and keyboard player Roger Manning. They broke up in 1994 after just two albums; Sturmer went on to compose music for a number of cartoon series, including Teen Titans; Manning ended up in various groups, including Imperial Drag, the Moog Cookbook, and The Lickerish Quartet.

    Regarding the band's sound, Manning told Songfacts: "There were nostalgic elements to it, but we weren't doing retro music. We were doing contemporary stuff that had nothing to do with current trends."

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  • Jer from London, CanadaOH, THIS SONG IS AWSOME!!!!
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