So Good

Album: A.K.A. (2014)
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  • This Leon "Roccstar" Youngblood produced song finds Lopez singing about not needing the accompaniment of a man to endure. She recorded the song for her 2014 A.K.A. album. J-Lo told UK newspaper The Sun: "I think women get so panicked about being allowed. Being single being the person without a man and to be honest, that is when we saw and that is when we do attract the most perfect person. You have to be comfortable in that space, which I am."

    "There is a freedom to being single," Lopez added. "One of the great lines in the song 'So Good' on the album is, 'What I thought would make me bad, makes me feel like I'm alive. All these wounds. You gave the space so I could fly.'"

    "And that is the feeling," she continued. "Everything I record is about a feeding and strength and I think with this album it was about that. About being fine with or without someone."

    Lopez concluded: "'So Good' was very much a song I responded to when I heard it and one of the last songs I put on the album."


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