Scissor Runner

Album: I'm Having Fun Now (2010)


  • During hours of downtime on her Acid Tongue world tour, Rilo Kiley vocalist Jenny Lewis and her boyfriend and songwriting partner Johnathan Rice began writing a batch of songs different from anything they had previously created. They were so happy with the results that Lewis and Rice decided to start a brand new band and record a record with the help of their producer friend, Mike Mogis. I'm Having Fun Now was recorded at Mogis' ARC studios in Omaha, Nebraska during the worst Midwestern winter since the 1860's. This breezy power-pop duet about catching a red-eye flight home to see a lover was released as the lead single from the album.
  • Lewis explained the album title to Spin magazine: "Johnathan needed to buy a car so we went to an estate sale near our house. There was a 1977 Mazda station wagon for sale for $850 and we knew that Johnathan had to buy it. On the back of the car was a bumper sticker that said, "I'm having fun now." We drove it around for a bit, but Johnathan ended up selling it to his friend. His friend got a bunch of tickets and the car was impounded and crushed into a cube. Cut to a couple months ago. We were driving around as we often do, and there was another turquoise station wagon for sale on the side of the road for $950. We knew at that point, having lost the other one, that we needed to buy the car and re-live the fantasy. We remade the bumper sticker and it became the title of our album."
  • The song was inspired by an incident when Jenny started hurtling at Johnny with scissor blades bared. Johnny told NME: "She has a very aggressive approach to home decorating that borders on the murderous."


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