He Knows

Album: I Will Follow (2015)
  • Jeremy Camp shared the personal story behind this song with New Release Tuesday: "A couple of years ago I released a book called I Still Believe," he explained. "From that, I shared more in-depth about what the Lord has done in my life, and more and more people have shared their stories with me. They have asked me questions about how I've managed with what I've been through, and they want to know how to deal with their issues."

    "You want to say the right things, but you realize that everyone's pain is different," Camp continued. "I can share some Scriptures, and tell people what the Lord has taught me, but it is the Lord that does the work. I can point people to Jesus and God's Word, but that is all I can do."

    "I remember when I was sitting down to write songs for this album, and 'He Knows' was the first song I wrote," he added. "I was with a friend and shared with him that there's more of my testimony of what God has done in the depths of my soul that I want to bring out. What came out was that I realized that as much as I share, it is God who knows what we are going through and what we need."


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