Drink to That All Night

Album: High Noon (2013)
Charted: 34


  • The lead single from High Noon was co-written by Derek George, Lance Miller, and Brad and Brett Warren. "We use music to put us in certain moods, and this is a song that definitely gets you in the mood for the weekend," said Niemann. "I love acoustic music, I love acoustic instruments, but inside of every country boy's a little rock & roll, and so we brought it out!"

    "We just started playing this song live," he continued, "and there's nothing that means more to anybody on stage than to see a crowd getting into a song, especially the first time they've heard it, and that's how you know that hopefully, it'll be fun to play forever."
  • So why High Noon? Niemann explained that while the album title has multiple definitions, he chose it for a more playful reason. "'High Noon' is a term that's been in my mind since I was a kid," he said. "Growin' up in Southwest Kansas, I actually lived in Dodge City, Kansas, where the old gunfighting days have such a historical value."

    "Wyatt Earp is the main street, and high noon, if you think of it, it's always meeting your adversary at noon, and goin' out there, walkin' a few steps, and turn around and face what you're most afraid of, right then and there," Niemann continued.

    "So for me, every time any of us make a journey in our life for whatever we're tryin' to do — in this case makin' music — I just think, 'Okay, my adversaries are party poopers, and I'm about to face that so that all of us can have a great time,' hopefully, listening to this record."
  • Niemann also released a Pop mix of the song featuring rapper Pitbull. The Country singer told Billlboard magazine that after the rapper was sent the cut, he gave it an instant stamp of approval. "He heard the song, and said he would do it. He sent the vocal and the mix," said Niemann. "Then, when I first saw it on iTunes, I knew it was real and tangible. It was just one of those crazy moments."

    "But, the craziest thing was when I went to Miami, and hung out with him and do a video," added Niemann. "It was so cool just to meet him. He is such a hard worker. I was blown away at how compassionate, generous, and gracious he was to everybody there."


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