I Ain't All There

Album: This Ride (2017)
  • Jerrod Niemann enlisted the help of Diamond Rio for this song, which he co-wrote with Lance Miller and Richie Brown.
  • Niemann told The Boot how rather than trying to emulate Diamond Rio's tight harmonies he decided to ask the '90s country icons to join him on the track.

    "It had this cool particular country feel I really liked," he recalled. "The lyrics, they had enough space you could stack some harmonies. So I recorded them that way, and I was telling [producer] Jimmy Sloas and [manager] LeAnn Phelan at dinner, 'When we get in the studio, I want to take the approach of singing like Diamond Rio. No one can sing like them.' They're like, 'Why don't we just ask them?' I was like, 'Well, I guess we could. If they said no, that would hurt, but you gotta ask.' So I reached out to them, and they came in."
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