Little Wing

Album: Axis: Bold As Love (1967)
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  • This song was inspired by the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival, a concert held during three days of the "Summer of Love" (1967) featuring The Who, The Byrds, Janis Joplin, and many others. Attended by about 200,000 music fans, it happened two years before Woodstock. Jimi wrote about the atmosphere at the festival as if it was a girl. He described the feeling as "Everybody really flying and in a nice mood." He named it "Little Wing" because he thought it could just fly away.
  • The guitar on the song is played in a very unique style. Jimi frets the roots of chords with his thumb, and then elaborates on them. It often involves shifts of quartile to tertian harmony and vice versa. In theory it is quite similar to the jazz style of chord melody.

    The song is particularly revered among guitar players. Tom Morello wrote in this 2011 tribute to Hendrix in Rolling Stone: "It's just this gorgeous song that, as a guitar player, you can study your whole life and not get down, never get inside it the way that he does. He seamlessly weaves chords and single-note runs together and uses chord voicings that don't appear in any music books." >>
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    Ken - Tigard, OR
  • The percussion instrument that sounds like a xylophone is a glockenspiel, an instrument popular in marching bands containing steel bars that are stuck with hammers to produce notes.
  • Jimi ran his guitar through a Leslie speaker to create an unusual sound. The Leslie speaker was designed for organs and contains a rotating paddle that distorts the sound.
  • In 1963 Jimi recorded a song that may have been a precursor to this. The song "Fox," which was one of his first recordings was played with sax player Lonnie Youngblood and sounded very similar to this.
  • This is one of the songs that had to be remixed just before the album was released when one of the master tapes went missing. No one ever found out what happened to the original tape but its been speculated that Jimi either accidentally left the tape in a taxi or purposely disposed of the tape because he wasn't satisfied with its sound.
  • This song, along with "Spanish Castle Magic," are the only songs Hendrix ever performed in concert from his Axis: Bold as Love album. He played this live only 8 times. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • Hendrix has described this as being one of the few he likes from this album. He said "Little Wing" is "like one of those beautiful girls that come around sometimes." Hendrix enjoyed writing slow songs because it was easier to put emotion into them.
  • The same day they recorded "Layla," Eric Clapton and Duane Allman recorded this as a tribute to Jimi, who was one of their guitar heroes. Hendrix died 9 days later. He never heard their version of his song, which was released in 1970 on the Derek and the Dominos album, Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs.
  • Irish pop band The Corrs covered this on their Live Unplugged album. >>
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    Nick - Cambridge, England

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  • Nick from InThe video is the SRV version??
  • Long Live from Indianapolisthe meaning changed after my sister passed away. now when i listen to it i think of her “walking, through the clouds”. she also had such an imagination and great spirit, “with a circus mind that’s running round”. “riding with the wind”… her spirit lives on. she’s in the clouds, in the trees, in the wind. i love you Alondra.. “fly on, little wing”
  • Danielle C from LaLittle Wing was an actual girl, and Jimi attests to this. He explains in detail how she would come around and be willing to give him everything but that he could not do the same.
  • Bruce Samson from Spring HillAlthough this is a wonderful and probably the best tribute of all of them to the genius of Jimi Hendrix and his music. It is not the original studio 'Little Wing' version by Jimi Hendrix which used to be on this site. I am not surprised but I am disappointed.
  • Hector from Tijuana, Mêxico.Jimi's version the best...the solo on Skid Row's has a nice sound in my opinion (EP B-side Ourselves)
  • Glen Duhon from UsaThis sounds like SRV version can anyone confirm this is Jimi?
  • Johnny from UtahI had heard Little Wing by SRV &Eric Clapton. I wasn't sure they were the same song so I came here to see the lyrics. I wasn't a big fan of Jimi because the songs played on radio were so repetitive that I became jaded about those song. When I found Jimi Hendrix wrote the song I was curious what his version sounded like. I was totally blown away!!! Clapton & SRV are my favorite guitarist but their cover are good & different. Jimi blows away ANY version by ANYONE! I am now a big fan! I will be buying many more of Jimi's song in the future as money allows! ROCK ON JIMI!
  • Littlewing from New YorkThis is the first song I learnt and you can't learn unless you don't have some "technique under your belt."
  • Michael James from Thousand Oaks, CaGreat Tune I always love the original by Jimi and the remake by Stevie Ray Vaughn. I love it so much I did a remake of it Hard Rock with a Blues intro of it on my CD. (Mj&The Michael James Band) CDBaby. I often wonder what Jimi would be doing now if he was still alive.
  • Damian from La, CaNice!!!!!
  • Ghandi from Los Angeles, CaLittle Wing...Anyone who covers this song, plays it, trys to play it, does so in HONOR of James Marshall Hendrix...this song is short, because thats what a 'flash of brillance" is..I will listen to this song everyday until my dying day..and then it will looped at my wake for at least 30 minutes..probably an hour.Everytime I play it and I get some part like a little extra vibrato here.or this note perfect or never fails to bring a tear to my eye..this song is as deep as the unique as Jimi..and I am getting a tat of my 64' Strat surrounded by visions of the poetry of this Masterpiece..this is to remind me that when I pick up my play whatever I am playing like its the last song on Earth. Thank You Jimi. You showed us the way...
  • Nick from Edgewood, WaMeant to be an honor, I named my corporation Little Wing. It gives me prospective in making good decisions.
  • Tyler from Oshkosh, WiThis song was written about his mother rather than Monterey. After she died he thought she had become an angel looking after him which makes sense with the lyrics. You can find proof of this in the biography Room Full Of Mirrors where it says that Jimi admitted to his brother that it was about their mother.
  • Asshole from California, Cayour all wrong. it's a continuation of a jimi rif both artist loved.
  • Chuckles from Toronto, OnNot trying to be an ass, but I think Hendrix's original is the best by far. His voice matches the song perfectly. The other versions are good, but it just isn't the same to me without THE guitar god playing. The only problem is it's too short.
  • Harmon from Buffalo, NyActually JHE did perform other "Axis" tunes. "EXP" &"Up From The Skies": January 8, 1968, Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • George from Barwick, Ga, GaI always liked Robin Trower's version, very edgey. Stevie Ray Vaughan gives it the blues lick it truly deserves. Great guitar ballad best left alone by refugee English teachers like Sting.
  • Mike from Lower Hutt, New ZealandI`ve just been listening to the Clapton / Winwood version off their live 2008 Madison Square Gardens concert. It is absolutely a thing of beauty, though my favorite version is still SRV`s instrumental ..
  • Mj from Buffalo, NyWell, people... I have had an amazing privilege today. One I almost can't believe myself. Today I met "Little Wing". Yes, it's true. She proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt. There's too much to say here, and I am still reeling. But suffice to say, the spirit of Jimi still lives on. Peace on ya brothers and sisters!
  • Scott from Boston, MaAt the Hard Rock Cafe in Washington, DC, they have a poem Jimi wrote on one of the walls. That poem became the basis for this song's lyrics, which is obvious by the lines in the poem "she's walking through the clouds", "riding with the wind", and "take anything you want from me". I wish I remembered the name of the poem.
  • Paul from Croydon, PaEric Clapton and Duane Allman did for "Little Wing" what Jimi Hendrix did for Bob Dylan's "All Along The Watchtower" - covered it in a unique style (almost) totally different from a musical perspective, that I'm sure Hendrix himself would have been beaming in pride - had he had the chance to hear it. This, I feel, in all the years of rock and roll tragedies ranks at the top of the list - Hendrix never getting to hear the LOVE poured out in song from his peers, short by 9 days. I know I wanna cry when I think of this - I could only imagine how Clapton & Allman felt.... so freaking sad. All this aside, one of Jimi's best songs!! Peace!
  • Kevin from Los Angeles, CaIf you wanna hear a longer instrumental version by Jimi get the Jimi Hendrix Experience box set...the Royal Albert Hall version originally released on the deleted 'Hendrix in the West' LP ( the one on youtube )is also on the box set. The Winterland version is on the deleted "Jimi Hendrix
    Concerts LP/CD.
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InI have always loved Jimi's original of this, but it always left me wanting more, since it is not even three minute long.
    Stevie Ray Vaughan gave it the full treatment on the posthumously released "The Sky is Crying" album, turning in a rather raw 8+ minute scorcher.
    SRV was probably the only guitarist worthy of holding Jimi's jockstrap.
  • Dags from Adelaide, AustraliaAnother version not listed here ... Concrete Blonde's version from 1994's "Still in Hollywood". Not in the same league as Jimi, Vaughan or Clapton/Allman instrumentally but Johnette Napolitano's vocals always get me hooked. As for Zappa's version - he's one musician I've listened to constantly for several decades but just can't warm to his soul in it.
  • Jan from Antwerp, --Simply one of the most amazing songs ever written. Definitely in my Top 10 of best songs ever. Proves what a great lyricist Jimi Hendrix was beside his great guitar playing. Some people do tend to forget this sometimes.
  • Caroline from New Bern, NcI spend a lot of time, reading Jimi's poetry, listening to the music, and reading stuff by people who knew him. I'm quite certain the insipration for Little Wing was a tribute to his mother. She died when he was 16, and didn't get much time with her, because his parents had split and he was raised by his Dad. He had dreams about her. She's walking through the clouds...Another song that has a similar sound, similar inspiration, is Angel, also a tribute to his Mom.
  • Chris from Tulsa, OkGreat song - and some of the best lyrics ever written.
  • David from Orlando, FlSRV's version was one that I doubt he would have chosen to release unedited. I suspect he never had a chance to polish it up the way he would have wanted to. It is a beautiful piece, but even the most die hard Stevie fan has to admit that it has redundant lead runs and, let's face it, he is losing steam by the time of the last runs. But it is so damn sweet that you just have to ignore the imperfections. Jimi's version is painfully too short, leaving us wishing for more, but I bet Stevie wishes he had a chance to leave a little of his in the delete file on the mixing board.
  • Roy from Granbania, MaBest. Guitar Solo. Ever. (Jimi Hendrix)
  • Eric from Ridgecrest, CaThis is the most beautiful song I have ever heard, both lyrically and instrumentally... Seriously.
  • Fernando from Mexico City, MexicoI will never forget the first time i listen to little wing, i was twelve years old listening the radio, i just stand still for the 2:21m of the song, next day i start working packing things on a grocery store for buy a fender stratocaster, never stop playing since that
  • Jonathan from Atlanta, GaGov't Mule/Warren Haynes does an excellent version also.
  • Bmn from Hisuan, ArgentinaThis song was recently done live on Paul Rodgers' 2007 tour
  • Fred from Laurel, MdThe idea (and a lot of the guitar work?) behind this song is very similar to his song, "Angel," which is, however, much darker in mood -- "Angel came down from Heaven yesterday/She stayed with me just long enough to rescue me" ... and, "Fly on, my sweet Angel/Forever I'm gonna be by your side" -- he seems to be visualizing his impending death. Little Wing is so much more, well, happy. David of Tampa: yeah, why is that? And add to that list, Jerry Garcia, Frank Zappa, Danny Gatton, ...

  • Stan from Spartanburg, ScLittle Wing! A beautiful song. I'm reading his biography now and what amazes me is how many famous acts he backed until early "1966" and still nobody wanted any interest in him until Linda Keith (Keith Richards girl) spotted him and dragged Chas Chandler to here him. Chas said he couldn't believe nobody had signed him. People hendrix toured with: The Isley Bros., Little Richard, Otis Redding, and many others.
  • Sarah from Bethesda, MdOf course! The summer of love- now it all makes sense, I was born then, no wonder this is my favorite song of all time.
  • Marin from Zagreb, CroatiaCan't believe you're saying, ray made it better, no clapton is the king, no listen to g3 tour - it's the best. It doesn't goes that way..
    ther wouldn't be nothing if Jimi didn't wrote it. it's easy to improve such a beautiful song, but it's impossible to write anything quite good as little wing. why doesn't steve Rai or satriani don't have anything close to something as beautiful as this.
  • Bryan from Landstuhl, GermanyI used to play the Derick and the Dominoes version of this song.
    Now we do it with acoustic guitar in the original key but with a blue grass ending. Very fast at the end. So good to know what he wrote it about and the feeling he had. Thankyou
  • Razoredge from Albany, NyJimi wrote the song and developed the tecnique so whats to say by comparing to others? Its a tribute to his Mother. Its the lenght it is because thats all producers and labels would allow in those days. All who have covered it or jamed on it are singing for Jimi so in his words "sing on Brother, play on Drummer". Stevie Ray,Yngwie,Trower,Marino and so many others great axemen have credited Jimi as their great influence, thats why they cover the song. If you like this song and tecnique check out "Wind Crys Mary","Castles Made of Sand", "Wait till Tomorrow" and my favorite "Bold as Love". Hendrix lives in our music to this day. ;-)
    Steve, Albany N.Y
  • Putzz from Dc, DcHendrix is and will always be one of the very best musical performers...all of his songs were geniusly done...this is just another one of the very best songs by him..but his best song would have to be Are You Experienced?
  • Cindy from San Diego, CaI always liked jimi's "little wing" but when I heard Stevie Ray Vaughn's I thougt it was the most beautiful song ever! Oh and I hate Sting's version, they ruined a beautiful song. SRV version gives me goosebumps, Jimi's does not.
  • Matt from Melbourne, AustraliaSkid Row do a version of this and it is my favourite song of all time it has a brilliant solo at the end and the intro is slightly different if you can get it because it is brilliant
  • Ella from Sydney, AustraliaI only have the Albert Hall live version, where else did he play it?
  • Ella from Sydney, AustraliaThis is my little window.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScYeah the intro to this one is pretty famous. I was at a club in Charlotte Norht Carolina, and one of the groups that played that night was a rock group, a little like Green day. I can't remember the name of the group, but one of the guitarists played the intro during their soundcheck.
  • Wisnu from Jakarta, IndonesiaAfter I listened Little Wing (jimi), I really feel that someone was just slapping me and say, "Your blues is nothing". I tried to play the guitar and it's amazing... You were right, Dave. It wouldn't be Little Wing without the intro.
  • Dave from Jakarta, IndonesiaI should be ashamed that I got acquainted to this song through Skid Row's version. That was the time when I thought glam rock was the best ever and it would last forever. Then this song brought me to Jimi, Zep, and all the great musicians from the past.

    SRV's version was the killer. I usually listened to it by turning off the lamps first. Joe Satriani performed it live in tribute to SRV - and not to Jimi.

    And what's stupid is that Sting covered this one's live and somehow he - and the band - DID NOT play the intro! It wouldn't be Little Wing without the intro, man. I hated Sting ever since (Okay, I never liked that guy anyway, but THAT made me dislike him even more)
  • Ramaz from Tiflis, EuropeThis song is one of my favourites. Jimi at his best. Also Stevie Ray Vaughan's instrumental version is gorgeous. And has a longer playing time. Though I think he should have sang it too.
  • Josh from Elkton, MdThis song is so short but maybe thats what makes it so good. My favorite Hendrix song next to castles made of sand.
  • Tony from Albany, NyGreatest song.
  • Rick from Seattle, WaSpeaking of the Monteray Pop Festival, it was recorded on film, and you can sometimes find it in video rental stores. It's a great evening of entertainment, watching classic stars in their prime - The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, et al. At one point when the camera pans the front rows of the audience, you can see Mickey Dolenze (member of "The Monkeys") jump up from the third row (or so) and enthusiastically applaud after a performance.
  • Mel from Paris, FranceI LUVVVV this song. jimi is a geniuuuuuuuuuuuusssssss
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesI think Sting may have covered Little Wing at some point in his career
  • Marlon from Brooklyn, NyI heard somewhere that Jimmy Page covered this once...Does anybody else no anything about this? I would really love to find out....
  • Evan from , TxI forgot who said this, but "It is one of the few songs that can get you high without drugs."
  • Shannon from SydneyI wish little wing went for longer, its such an amazing song it deserves to have a longer playing time, either that or put it on repeat for about 2 hours its so addictive, jimi is a genius
  • Shannon from SydneyMick Mars from motley crue played this in a guitar solo on an Australian tour in 2005, it was amazing!. - Shannon, 15 years old N.S.W australia
  • Juney from Chattanooga, TnOkay people who keep saying Pearl Jam ripped off jimi on yellow ledbetter: They may have gotten their inspiration from Little Wing, but its obvious that they are two quite different peices of music, one is all minor pentatonic and the other is on the major scale. If you want to blame people for being inspired by other musicians, you have to blame everybody who has ever heard someone else play something
  • Carl from Wirral, EnglandI've got an mp3 of Bruce Hornsby covering the song live on PIANO at the request of a fan who had presented him with the sheet music. Considering he'd never actually heard the song before it's truly amazing. I also remember reading a SRV interview claiming Jimi personally showed him how to play it. But for me it's got to be Jimi's live version that rips my heart out and nails it to the floor every single time I hear it.
  • D L from Nashville, TnListen to the Album "Little Wing" Ottmar Liebert. Fabulous Flamenco guitarist (instrumental) This song is so-o-o good it doesn't need lyrics.
  • Andrew from Sydney, AustraliaI heard this song and went to find another guitar player like Jimi so i cood have a bigger songlist, but then i realised, there are none. NONE! And i agree with Alejandro... this song is damn addictive to play.
  • Aaron from San Francisco, CaYou all need to listen to the live Hendrix concerts versions of all his tunes. That is where he shined the most. The Winterland version of little wing is the most beautiful piece of music ever created. I've seen stevie ray do little wing live and heard all his versions, much respect he was great but no one can hold a candle to the master Jimi Hendrix..
  • Ron from Sf Bay Area, CaI've just started playing guitar, and this song (both the Jimi and the SRV versions) is absolutely hypnotic! If you ask a blues/rock guitarist for their top 10 favorites and this one doesn't make the list, I'd be very surprised. I will learn to play this song. I'm 47, so I doubt there's time left for me to ever learn it as well as I'd like to be able to play it, but the tune inspires me and makes me want to practice, practice, practice. Stevie, Jimi, love ya, and if I keep working hard at it maybe you'll let me play a tune with ya one day when my time comes.

    Peace, out.
  • Ray from Whittier, Cathats where Pearl Jam got that amazing intro in yellow ledbetter...figures...they ripped off another great musician.
  • Kika from Nyc, NyThis song is so beautiful and moving, possible one of my favorite hendrix songs, but it reallly has the ability to pput you in the mood of th song, it's amazing, derek and the dominoes version is pretty too.
  • Cole from Pr, CanadaThere was 1 cover that was beautifully re created by a man who was a legend and a guitar hero just like Jimi his name was Dimebag Darrell Abbott and listen to his cover of little wing its awesome sounds great he's up there now with Jimi tearin it up RIP dimebag & jimi
  • Steve from Centerville, OhPerhaps the greatest expression of Jimi's creativity and skill. My favorite blues/rock song ever written
  • Tarun from Great Neck, NyHendrix' version is the original, so please don't compare it to any other cover. With that said, the SRV version stands alone as one of the most beautiful guitar pieces ever. He took it as his own, and that's the reason it sounds his own. The same goes with the Derek and the Dominos version, even though it is a tribute, everyone knows what Clapton was going through when "Layla and ..." was recorded.
  • Danny from Chester, EnglandStevie Ray Vaughan (not vaughn!!!! VAUGHAN)'s version is by far my favourite. I like Jimi's version but I just don't think it's long enough, he could have done a lot more with it. I think Stevie just got into the same frame of mind Jimi was in when he recorded this song, and carried it on for Jimi as a sort of tribute. And I can't believe the Corr's did it!?!?!
  • Steve from Centerville, OhPerhaps the greatest blues-rock and roll song ever composed, by far Hendrix's best work
  • Steve from Centerville, OhPerhaps the greatest blues/rock and roll song ever composed....Hendrix's best work. G3-Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen...did a great cover
  • Greg Smith from New York City, Nystevie ray's version was good. pearl jam did a 12 minute version, started out as maget brain. but jimi's instrumental version on the box set was the heaviest one of all. disc 2 song 3.
  • Stone from Libertyville, IlIs it just me, or do hendrix tapes seem to often go missing...? Check out Voodoo'll get what I mean.
  • JosÃ? from Lima, PeruDid anyone mention Pink Floyd???? It´s the same as the old G3 version!!!!! (or Van Halen, whatever) I think people don't care about what they're listening to when they download music!
  • JosÃ? from Lima, PeruWell, I think Hendrix and SRV versions of this song are the best. For me, SRV tried to improve this song by making it longer, but adding a great feeling in his long solo that makes it outstanding! I also like 100 Greatest guitars solos version (I don't know if it's actually a Dimebag Darrel cover) and Derek and The Dominos one too. The 3 covers mentioned here (and the Corrs version) are actually different, or at least a part of them, than the original, so that's why I like them. If you listen to other covers you may get annoyed because they're trying to imitate the original or looking for an excuse to start improvisation!

    P.S.: Van Halen version? The 8:02 version? It's a SRV version rip-off w/lyrics!!!!! (I hope it's not Eddie who plays, I think it's actually the old G3) Monte Montgomery's version is quite good, despite it's an excuse for improvisation too!
  • Rob from Shoreline, WaAs you probably know, Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam sounds very similar to this song. Interestingly though, on 08/20/00, when Pearl Jam was performing Yellow Ledbetter live, Mike McCready (guitarist) played Little Wing during the end solo. The fans went wild.
  • Jemma from Camborne, EnglandWell, I never knew The Corrs covered it... WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?! Never mind, it's still an amazing song... and the intro..... yes.
  • W0f0z+ from Rotterdam, Netherlandsthe best guitar song in the werld ever
    dont even mention the intro :D
  • Gaute from Mandal, NorwayJH, SRV rules on Little Wing - No doubt. Sting destroyed it. If you are looking for a long version of it - check out Monte Montgomery and Sonny Landreth from Grand Street Saturday Night. The tracks is 15:32 (Included some talking in the end.....) Quite good too, although not as the dead, but still living kings.
  • Scott from Chicago, Ilpossibly the greatest song to clock in at 3:32
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScHaven't heard the deric and The Dominoes version. i'll bet it's great though.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScBeautiful song. Jimi's version is my favorite. Not only was he a great guitar player. he was a great songwriter, singer, and poet, too.
  • Gracie from La, United StatesI always heard that Little Wing was written for the girl Jimi would see when he meditated. Well, go figure
  • Nelle from Lima, PeruI totally agree with Matt, the Derek & The Dominos cover is awesome. I love Derek & The Dominos...and adore Jimi.
  • Alex from Farmington, Nmmike where can i get eddies version- i wanna hear that
  • Arvid from Juneau, Akdid Pantera or at least Dimebag Darrell do a cover of little wing? i have an MP3 that says it was odne by Pantera but im not sure...its pretty good. can anyone verify whether or not its them?
  • Mike from Liverpool, HAVE to hear the Eddie Van Halen version. I've been a a fan of Eddie for years but if there's any criticism I could level at his style it's that it's sometimes just too chaotic. Listening to Eddie play Little Wing has given me a new outlook on breadth of his talents. An honest and heartfelt tribute, it should be heard by all. That's it.
  • Marc from Alameda, CaI just have to point out again that Stevie Ray Vaughn covered this. His version is completely different, and should be listened to by anyone who's remotely interested in music. It's an instrumental version, and quite a bit longer.

    Both versions of the song are some of the most memorable recordings ever. I think Stevie's version is one of the best "from the heart" songs I've ever heard.
  • Alejandro from Mexico D.f., Mexicopearl jam's yellow ledbetter intro is based on this... great song also. If you learn little wing in guitar you will find in completely addictive
  • Fozz from Santa Fe, NmI've been poking around for as many covers as I can find. I also love the origional, but hearing different takes on the main theme and solo always brings a whole new level to the song. The original is great, and Stevie's, but two of my favorites are the Van Halen and Eric Johnson covers. I really don't like the Derek and the Dominoes version. Saw Satch, Vai, and Patruchi cover it at the G3 tour a couple of years ago, but I'll go with Dimitris and say the one with Yngwie is better.
  • AnonymousEveryone has their own preference...mine being Jimi's original version followed by SRV's cover. I think it could be longer but does not fall short in any way. I love this song cause it is so beautiful. We are very fortunate to have been touched by Jimi and SRV's soul. I've been blue many a time over the years and have caught this (as well as SRV's Pride And Joy) on the radio at random and have thanked Jimi and Stevie for helping lift my spirits. I agree with Jon. I let my wife know that, to me, this song is about her and she appreciated it and was honored. Jimi and Stevie are clearly my 2 top favorites but are followed by many other brilliant artists.
  • Matt from Moose Jaw, CanadaYou guys are all forgetting about Derek & the Dominoes' cover of Little Wing. Clapton and Allman recorded this the same day they did Layla and Jimi died 9 days later... that's kinda weird. Anyways, the best cover of this song is definetly the Dominos.. hands down
  • Sarah from Missoula, MtIncredible song. The best Jimi ever did.
  • Debby from Taichung, TaiwanSting covered the song in his 1987 studio album "... Nothing Like the Sun." I love his version, espeically with his naturally high voice. I also found a live version of Sting singing it, which is also awesome!
  • Brady from Fort Stockton, Txi always assumed the song was about drugs. i dunno, just seems like it- "when i'm sad, she comes to me, with a thousand smiles, she gives to me free"- now tell me that doesn't sound like some sort of mood-changing/mind-altering drug.
  • Kevin from Martinez, CaThere is no argument as to which is the best song ever written by Jimi. LITTLE WING.
  • David from Tampa, Fl...damn why do Stevie and Jimi both have to be dead. Theyre arguably the two best guitarasts ever(i kno theres others who some think r better). Both there versions r great.
  • Sam from Christchurch, New ZealandYeah Jimi hit the jackpot with this song. Probably the best covers I've heard are by Stevie Ray Vaughn and Sting, but there are definitely lots out there. I'm gonna try and track down that G3 version tho
    The movie "Once were warriors has an interesting instrumental version in the soundtrack"
  • Ross from Beloit, Withe best version is stevie ray vaughan's. one day i was sad and wanted a bluesy song and ran into jimi's version. then i noticed stevie did it too. his version was longer. it just he best song ever. its one of thoses songs you put on and just kick back and it takes you too a nice state of mind.
  • Mr.gatz from Waterville, MeThe song is painfully short but unmistakably beatiful to say the least
  • Dimitris from Athens, GreeceGuys, you ab-so-lu-te-ly gotta listen and watch it get performed by G3 (Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen) on the "G3 Live At Denver" DVD...
    Awesome performance!
  • Will from Portland, OrThis is the best glockenspiel song ever
  • Phil from Montigny, FranceFirst, I heard it from Hendrix (very long time ago), then from Sting (English man in New York, quite a long time too), then from Coors (not so long ago), then recently, I'been looking for more on internet : I've founded it from Stevie Ray, from Pink Floyd ???? (Surprise !), from Zappa, from Clapton, Toto, Metallica, Sting again Gil Evans, the acoustic one from Hendrix... Well most of them are pretty good. I'm going to make a meddley with all of them.
    Have a good search.
  • Will from Portland, OrIve only heard the Jimi version. I think its one of his best songs. its really nice slow sound
  • Dino from Bandung, IndonesiaI guess Skid Row's version is better, more rock. While the Corrs did the pop version, i think it's genius. this song still sounds great in different beat.
  • Naomi from Pg, Canadayeah! stevie ray vaughn's version is was the first i heard. I prefer it to hendrix's but it's because it's longer and stevie does such beautiful things with that song. but it's definetly my favourite hendrix song, up there with "hey joe"
  • Jon from Mountain Home, IdI love this song, being one if my favorite Hendrix songs, Ive played a little on my guitar but of course the guitar store owner kicked me out. If u wanna tell a girl that you like her but your outta words, just give her this song! it worked for me!
  • Randy from Beaumont, TxAlso Check out the version by Stevie Ray... it's pretty darn good
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Dean Pitchford

Dean PitchfordSongwriter Interviews

Dean wrote the screenplay and lyrics to all the songs in Footloose. His other hits include "Fame" and "All The Man That I Need."

Fire On The Stage

Fire On The StageSong Writing

When you have a song called "Fire," it's tempting to set one - these guys did.

Michael Franti

Michael FrantiSongwriter Interviews

Franti tells the story behind his hit "Say Hey (I Love You)" and explains why yoga is an integral part of his lifestyle and his Soulshine tour.

Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World

Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat WorldSongwriter Interviews

Jim talks about the impact of "The Middle" and uses a tree metaphor to describe his songwriting philosophy.

Bill Withers

Bill WithersSongwriter Interviews

Soul music legend Bill Withers on how life experience and the company you keep leads to classic songs like "Lean On Me."