Trip Around The Sun

Album: License To Chill (2004)
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  • Not only was Jimmy Buffett's License To Chill his first #1 album on the Country chart, it was also his first to top the Billboard 200. Several country stars join Buffett on the album, including Martina McBride for the duet "Trip Around The Sun." On the birthday-themed ballad, the duo contemplates another year gone by, remembering failed resolutions and wondering if they made the right choices. They find comfort knowing the world will keep spinning no matter what they do and decide to dispense with the yearly resolutions except for one: "That I'll never make another one, Just enjoy this ride on my trip around the sun."
  • This was written by Al Anderson, former frontman for the country/blues rock band NRBQ, and singer-songwriters Stephen Bruton and Sharon Vaughn. Anderson, who also played guitar on License To Chill, recorded his own version of the song for his 2006 album After Hours.

    When asked by NPR if there was a standout tune on the record, he replied: "Only 'Trip Around the Sun' in a heart beat. This girl left a note saying that she was going to drive herself off a bridge in Baltimore, and she heard the song on the radio and it stopped her from committing suicide. So it made me feel good since most of my songs have the opposite effect."
  • This peaked at #20 on the Country chart.
  • The music video was shot near Charleston, South Carolina, and features the singers enjoying a beachside celebration with friends. Buffett is also seen flying one of his own planes, a 1941 Boeing E75 Stearman.


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