All The Way (Stay)

Album: Surviving (2019)


  • This vulnerable rocker finds Jim Adkins extolling the virtues of showing people the real person inside oneself.

    Honey if you stay hey, hey, we go all the way
    But how am I supposed to know, oh no
    When to let the feelings show
  • "All The Way (Stay)" features background vocals by Rachel Haden, who is one of the triplet daughters of jazz bassist Charlie Haden. Back in 1997, Haden became the first female to sing lead on a Weezer song when she was Rivers Cuomo's choice to play the "good girl" character, Laurel, on "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams." Haden first linked up with Jimmy Eat World four years later when she toured as a backup singer and keyboardist for the band and supplied additional vocals on five of their Bleed American tracks.
  • The song concludes unexpectedly with an epic saxophone solo. "It's fun, right?" Adkins commented to Kerrang. "If you were a session saxophone player in the '80s, you were set, man. It's uncanny how many huge songs have these saxophone solos that just come out of nowhere. So the concept for the end of that song was definitely that '80s thing where all of a sudden, this rippin' sax solo comes in and then it fades out again."


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