Drugs Or Me

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  • This song is about how addiction to drugs effects a relationship when one person is hooked and the other isn't. One person promises to quit but doesn't, and the the other is left to find the one he loves in this drug addict ("'Cause right now I can't tell you from the drug..."). >>
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    Katie - Woodland Hills, CA
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  • Hugh from Oxford, Oxfordshire, United KingdomReally emotionally sung. Could be used on House or Nurse Jackie.
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnBeautiful and heartbreaking song, this band knows how to compose such emotionally-drained songs.
  • Katie from Columbus, Ohthis song is so sad, but very good. i can hardly stand to listen to it bc drugs tore me and my ex apart. does it ever get any better?
  • Kasey from Wichita, Ksi lost the love of my life to x... he was addicted.. and i couldnt tell who he was... all of a sudden he didnt love me anymore.. i hated that drug.. it tore us apart.. now he is engaged to another drug addict.. and when i found out.. i listened to this song for.. 5 hours.. i will never do drugs again.. and i dont tolerate people who do... yea.. this is one of my favorite songs.
  • Lennonfan11 from Regawrhhrh, Icelandi really like this song because it sounds genuine. and unlike most longer songs it seems to go by relatively quickly, it doesn't drag, except for the rather draggy intro.
  • Karyn from Canadabeen here, felt that
    it's no fun, and leaves you broken .
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