Lucky Denver Mint

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  • This was the first Jimmy Eat World single to get noticed. It was played frequently on Los Angeles' KROQ, one of the most important radio stations in the US for new music.
  • The Denver Mint is where a lot of the money in the United States is made. Coins made in the mint are stamped with a "D" and are more rare than others. In the world of coin collecting, it is often lucky to find a coin from the Denver Mint.
  • The band took a "more is more" approach on this song, adding lots of layers. They were happy to experiment with all kinds of sounds because they didn't know if they would get the chance (and the budget) again.
  • An alternate version is featured in the 1999 Drew Barrymore movie Never Been Kissed and used on the soundtrack, bringing lots of attention to the song and the band.
  • Despite this song's success, the band was was not getting along with their label, Capitol Records, and they were dropped. They had a solid fan base and kept making music, and in 2001 they signed with Dreamworks and released the very successful Bleed American album containing the hits "Bleed American" and "The Middle."
  • Vocalist Jim Adkins told Rock Sound magazine what the band learned from writing and recording the album: "Clarity taught us not to censor ourselves; if you have an idea you should chase it up, whatever way it takes you. Our policy was, 'Let's try everything, and work out what makes it onto the album later.'"
  • The song was inspired by a night out in Las Vegas that Jim Adkins had with a friend. He recalled to Kerrang: "I was too young to drink and gambled away all my money, so spent the night walking around feeling lost. To this day, I don't think that friend knows this is about that!"
  • This song first appeared on a 1998 self-titled EP, released five months prior to the full album.
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  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnAddictive song, the loop at the end is awesome.
  • Music-hobbit from The Shire, EuropeWasn't it "Seventeen" the song featured in "Never been kissed"?
  • Drew from Ft Lauderdale, FlThe song title refers to the U.S. quarter (any maybe other US coinage). If you look closely at the front of the quarter you will see "P" on it. This means the coin was minted in Philidelphia. From time to time you will see a quarter with a "D" stamped on the front, hence, it was minted in Denver (much rarer than philly). You can then make a wish on "Lucky Denver Mint"
  • Jason from Shelby Twp., Miclarity is one of the most amazing albums i have ever heard. lucky denver mint is only one of the astounding contributions to that album. the passion and lyrical beauty of the entire album and the above song are nearly matchless in a time when music is sadly lacking in talent, originality, and just plain good sounds. i give clarity and lucky denver mint two big fat thumbs up. yeah das riyyyeeeet.
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