Make It Back

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  • This song finds Jett recalling the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, which swept through the northeastern United States in 2012. The singer witnessed the storm whilst at her beachside home in Long Beach, New York. She explained to Rolling Stone: "I live in a town called Long Beach. I'm a hundred feet from the water. Right now, I'm looking at the ocean. So we're very exposed here. My town, and Rockaway, which is right next to me – everybody around us got smashed. It really gave me a sense of what it's like when people go through disasters like Sandy. Florida deals every year with hurricanes. Tornados in the midwest. Flooding in Iowa. You don't really have a sense of it until you live it yourself. It really was quite devastating and you saw people lose everything, and their spirit was just broken. Then something kind of shifts, and people realize that they don't have anything to do but try to build it back and create from destruction."
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