Entombment Of A Machine

  • The song is the modern re-telling of the children's story of Jesus Christ being crucified and the events that followed, before his immaculate return. It is almost identical, down to the names "Entombment of J. Christ" and "Entombment of A. Machine."
  • Some lyric interpretation:
    "Its body is covered in hundreds of wires and a mouth that attempts to speak." - The wires refer to the crown of thorns placed on Jesus' head during the crucifixion. And the "Mouth that attempts to speak" refers to the muttered speech because of the swollen larynx of Jesus from days of trying to warn Pontius Pilate that he would get his revenge.

    "But I saw It die. I Watched It Die!" - This was the same reaction that everyone had after Jesus had escaped his tomb and "rose from the dead." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Billy - Pittsburgh, PA, for above 2

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  • Ben from Gero, AustraliaWhat i thought these lyrics ment was a life support machine in a hospital."For this program kept you breathing, it kept you alive" suggested to me that he was talking about someone on life support. But the jesus thing seems more suppported
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