Album: Say Something Strong (2009)
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  • New York City based singer-songwriter Joey DeGraw is the older brother of recording artist Gavin DeGraw. This is a track from his second album, Say Something Strong released on National Underground Records, a label owned by the DeGraw brothers.
  • This is a re-recording of a song from his 2005 debut Midnight Audio. It is one of three songs - "Tragedy" and "Your Last Day" being the other two, revisited by DeGraw. He told Billboard magazine: "I wanted to kind of move past them, but the producer (Steve Greenwell) said not a lot of people have heard them and he would prefer to do those over. They were better live, so I was able to capture what we were doing with them (on stage)."
  • This song gets a twist in the new recording due to guest appearances by Mountain guitarist Leslie West, and Gavin DeGraw, who provides backing vocals. Said Joey: "(West) got a hold of the first record and really liked a couple of the songs. I asked him if he would be involved with re-recording 'Sunny,' and he agreed and we just let him go crazy with a guitar solo at the end, which was great."
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