Album: Rocky Mountain Christmas (1975)


  • Aspenglow was written about Aspen, which is a resort town in Colorado. They have a celebration every year called Winterskol where many skiers come down the mountain holding torches, thus the Aspen glow.
  • Denver sometimes referred to his lyrics as "Word Pictures," and he also said that he "Gets out of the way and they come!" This is a great example of this type of songwriting which is typical of his work.

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  • Tina Cox-cole from Fairbanks, AlaskaThis is my all time favorite song;it lifts my spirits. He was such a great songwriter and artist. I miss him very much. What a loss to the world .
  • Peter from Aspen ColoradoAspenglow is the red light that glows on the peaks around Aspen just before sunset. It is a play on "Alpinglow". Which is the same phenominon in the Alps.i don't know where someone came up,with that it is from the Winterskol torches...never heard that and I've lived in Aspen almost 40 years.
  • Martina from St. Père, FranceA very nice song! It warms up my heart, great melody and I also like the lyrics. John Denver was a very great singer!!
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