Fella In The Cellar

Album: More Miles Per Hour (1979)
  • Running to 6 minutes 43 seconds, "Fella In The Cellar" is the fourth track on the More Miles Per Hour album. Produced by Alan Parsons, it has an orchestral arrangement by Andrew Powell - not to be confused with Andy Powell of Wishbone Ash.

    John Miles is one of the few rock artists to use a string or orchestral backing to a lead guitar solo, and here it works magnificently on an album that doesn't have a duff track.
  • According to Stephen Carson of the John Miles website, the lyrics - which were supplied by Miles' regular collaborator, bass player Bob Marshall - are probably autobiographical. In the song, the fella in the cellar was going nowhere; the same can't be said of Marshall, although it has to be admitted that the enormous talent of the Miles/Marshall songwriting partnership has never won either the acclaim or the superstardom it rightly deserved. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 2


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