Resurrect Me


  • Jon Foreman of Switchfoot gave CBN the story behind this tune from his solo EP Summer: "There's a certain amount of death that we endure every day. The miracle is not that someday we finally truly die, but that we're actually living and waking up after it every day. This is a song that acknowledges the pain and asks for rebirth. It's almost a song where I'm yelling at God a little bit. There are things in my life that I'm angry about, that I'm frustrated about, and I feel like these are issues I'm still dealing with. When I acknowledge the anger, frustration, and pain and then move on, it is a healthy experience." >>
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  • Foreman included this on his 2008 compilation, Limbs and Branches. The songs were meant to stay private, which kept the Switchfoot frontman honest in his songwriting. He explained: "A lot of these songs were written and recorded without the intention of ever releasing them to the public. That allows you to be much more honest. You're not choosing your words with the idea that somebody in Ohio or Virginia Beach is ever going to hear the song. You’re singing for basically yourself, your God, and your best friends. So they become almost confessions in nature. Looking back at the songs now, it’s been a gift to be able to sing them for people who feel like they’re in a similar situation. We’re all broken people trying to figure it out. Music is a way to come to terms with pain. In many cases, that’s what these songs are attempting to do."


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