Out of Style

Album: California Sunrise (2016)


  • Jon Pardi sings here of the musical advice given by old-timers to a Nashville newcomer. The song was written by Eric Church band member Jeff Hyde, Neil Mason of the Cadillac Three and Nashville songwriter Lynn Hutton. Pardi told Radio.com:

    "'Out of Style' is a fun song, it's got a great groove, it's kind of got a great Waylon Jennings beat to it, and it's really a cool story about a guy who moves to Nashville and kind of gets settled down, and he's gonna write a song. It's a song within a song. It talks about how some things will never go out of style and the old ways are still here and are not going to go out of style."
  • Jeff Hyde came up with part of the first verse when he was in the shower and when he arrived at the song writing session with Neil Mason and Lynn Hutton, he had those lyrics in his back pocket.

    When I first got to Nashville town
    They called me in and sat me down
    And told me all about the ins and outs of writing songs
    Said write about the things you know about
    If there's anything that you don't know about
    Just stick around and you'll find out before too long

    Hyde told The Boot how they developed the track from that original idea: "They liked it, and Neil's good — He can sit down and build a track just like building a sandwich; it's nothing for him. He did something cool, and Lynn had some good ideas."

    "I think that was one of those things that, we didn't know what the hook of the song was going to be, but we thought it was a cool story," he added. "Sometimes, if you just write line by line and see where it ends up, and you don't have a hook in mind, you don't know what the hook at the end of the chorus is going to be until you get there."

    Eventually Lynn Hutton came up with the hook: "Some things don't go out of style."


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