Lost In The Woods

Album: Frozen 2 soundtrack (2019)


  • "Lost in the Woods" is a '80s power ballad performed by actor and singer Jonathan Groff in the Disney animated movie Frozen 2. Groff voices Kristoff, an introverted ice harvester and the boyfriend of Anna, Princess of Arendelle.
  • The song is sung in a scene where Kristoff has been left behind while Anna and her sister Elsa head north to the mythical river Ahtohallan. Kristoff, frustrated because he is no longer needed, questions whether they are growing apart and if Anna still has the same feelings for him.
  • The ballad of love and longing was written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. The husband-and-wife team also penned the tunes for the original Frozen movie where they felt Groff was underused. "The guy has pipes of gold, and we just sort of let them lie," Lopez told Billboard. "So we wanted to get to this idea of a guy who is very much used to repressing his feelings, probably from childhood, suddenly feeling them all in one big '80s power ballad. So that it would be funny but also, you know, a little emotional too. Maybe too emotional."
  • Kristoff's reindeer pals serve as his backup singers on this song. All the reindeer are also voiced by Groff, who laid down 18 different vocal tracks.
  • The big musical number channels '80s glam rock. "We both have strong references to when we were in our own high school trials and tribulations," Anderson-Lopez said of herself and her husband to New York Times. "Your 13-year-old boyfriend breaks up with you, you're listening to Bryan Adams singing like, 'Baby, you're all that I want.'"
  • Weezer recorded their own version of the song for the end credits of Frozen 2.

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  • Leslie from Houston, TexasT's from Houston, Texas, I've literally been on a manhunt for this song! how is it i've searched forum upon article and your comment had my answer. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SONG
  • Ts from Houston, Texas, UsaI’m a mid 40s guy. Kinda embarrassed to admit how much I love this song. Reminds me so much of “Glory of Love” performed by Peter Cetera.
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