Everyone's Gone To The Moon

Album: Everyone's Gone To The Moon (1965)
Charted: 4 17


  • This enigmatic song with a simple but haunting melody was a big hit for Jonathan King in 1965.
  • It was once suggested that the Moon in question was a public house in Cambridge; if that were true one could understand the title - "Everyone's Gone To The Pub" doesn't have quite the same ring to it. Although King was a Cambridge undergraduate when he wrote it, this claim has no basis in fact. In his own words, it was intended as a satire on the "Dylan school" of meaningful lyrics; King made a practice of this in his early career.
  • The British Library holds a copy of the sheet music, a single sided piece of foolscap size paper; it is credited to Kenneth King (King's real name) and published by Marquis Music Co. Ltd of London. The song, which runs to some 2 minutes 34 seconds, was released on Decca backed by "Summer's Coming."
  • Worldwide, "Everyone's Gone To The Moon" sold over four million copies, entering the Billboard Chart at number 79 week ending September 25, 1965, and peaking at number 17.
  • In 1995, Philip Norman published a novel with the same title. >>
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  • Tasticfun from UsaThis song sucks, silly cliche lyrics.....
  • Harry J Muller from Glendale, N.y.As, Tune-smith/Musicoligiist Since, '44, I'm Struck by Melodic Similarity of Tone/Constr. 2 ERIC'S, Balladic, 'WONDERFUL 2-NIGHT'; PARTICULARLY, THE, Guitar Intro, Intermetzo & Finale appears, ALMOST, Uncanny, Which, leads me 2 cojnecture; WHO, X-actly, Provided the Prototypical, Template 4 WHO
  • Jim P from Cape Cod, Massachusetts When I first heard this song in 1965, I was mesmerized. It is such a simple song, but very well crafted. I think one of the best ever written. Jon King was, is very talented. The way he performs this haunting and beautiful song is without equal. I’m amazed that he didn’t write any more songs of this caliber. I guess that’s impossible.
  • Stephanie L Giron from Pearl City, Hawaii Everyone's gone to the moon is the theme song for movie
    In the shadow of the moon, which was a terrific movie....worth watching. Worth talking about.
  • Tito from PhilippinesThis is a very distinctly melodious n likeably memorable song.

    M 65 yo n I must have heard it first when I was growing up the Pampanga province.

    M also pleasantly surprised why I always enjoyed listening to it over n over whether by JK or Chad n Jeremy — who else?

    M curious if JK will sing it again himself, have it rearranged n sung by current singers.

    If successful, JK May donate profits for a home for “genitally” — I don’t sacred word “sexually” for such acts — abused youth in the Philippines.

    This endeavour will not be late to make amends for personal mistakes — professional image plus spiritual redemption will come if JK believes. God bless
  • John from Galesburg IlI am 75, and always loved this song. As admiror of real music, this song is a standout. The orchestra sounds are highly moody which coincides with the effects with the lunar effects of everything on earth, moods, of humans, animals, tides, planting fishing etc. I am still thinking of the meaning of the lyrics, only he would know. Such a beautiful voice, a highly gifted young man. Wish I knew more about the orchestra,and the singers thoughts at that time.
  • Lawrence from Beverly Hills, CaGreat song.. I agree. I was disappointed to see that King was convicted of multiple child molestations and spent time in prison.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyKing must have loved heavenly bodies; in this, his first charted record, he sings about the 'moon' and in his second charted record it's the 'sun'; that was "Where the Sun Has Never Shone", it peaked at No. 97!!! {He only had two records to make the Top 100}
  • Camille from Toronto, OhNicely put Chet, a one-of-a-kind song. Seems odd that I would have only been 7 years old when this came out but I remember always liking it and yet at such a young age realizing it had that melancholy sound to it. Even now I hear it and for some reason it makes me sad. But I still like it.
  • John from Wirral, United KingdomI am sixtyish great track always remembered by my 3 Daughters they say life is what you make it.Sad what went on but wat the hell follow the moon.
  • Ernie from Seattle, WaMichelle,MN ------one of my old favorites too.
  • Michelle from Minneapolis, MnI'm only 30, but I remember this song from when I was a girl. We'd spend Saturday nights listening to Solid Gold Saturday Night and playing poker. It was such a beautiful mystical song. After not hearing for 25 years, it was such a blessing to hear it again.
  • Michelle from Minneapolis, MnI'm only 30, but I remember this song from when I was a girl. We'd spend Saturday nights listening to Solid Gold Saturday Night and playing poker. It was such a beautiful mystical song. After not hearing for 25 years, it was such a blessing to hear it again.
  • Chet from Buffalo, NyA great, one-of-a-kind song.
  • Ellen from New York, AzIn November 1965 we had the gigantic east coast black out. Evryone laughed when this song came on the radio: "Everyone's gone to the Moon". It was just so right for that dark evening. I cannot believe how long ago that was; to me it still seems like yesterday.
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