Settle Me Down

Album: The Highway Kind (2020)


  • Josh Abbott married his long-time love Taylor Parnell at Brazos Hall in Austin, Texas, on July 8, 2018. "Settle Me Down" is a tender love song about a partner who always has your back and is always there to pull him back to reality. "Your partner's ability to calm your soul and lift you up when you're down is so important in a relationship," said Abbott. "My wife is that and more for me when I come home tired from the road or stressed."
  • Abbott co-wrote "Settle Me Down" with fellow Texas-bred artists Ryan Beaver and Green River Ordinance frontman Josh Jenkins. "I think the music is killer. I just think that there's something very special about the song," Abbott told The Boot. "And, to be honest, it sounds like a praise and worship song - kinda like, if you can listen to it and you can just read the words, it could easily be cut by a Christian artist."


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