Higher Window

Album: Illuminations (2010)


  • This is a track from American singer-songwriter Josh Groban's fifth album, Illuminations. It was one of six songs on the album Groban wrote with Dan Wilson of Semisonic. The song was released as a preview single on October 25, 2010.
  • Groban commented on this "imperfect" love song in an interview with Artist Direct: "All the love songs are written in the grey area of love, where you experience great love and you are thinking cheesily, and all the sudden, the big love ballads make sense to you, after years of being cynical about them. I was not in a love song mood; I was in a mood for the imperfect moments. For me, it's not the happy ending, but about being undeniably magnetized in an imperfect situation."

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  • Jerri Silver from Islip, New York 11751My husband and I have been together for sixty years. We were children taking walks on soft summer nights, lying in the grass among four-leaf clovers, staring up into the cosmos at the innumerable stars bright across the ebony sky, asking each other where the universe could ever end. We had no answer and still don't know where the finality of the cosmos ends. We did and do know that our love has no end. I can only pray that God is shining down from a Higher Window, assuring me that He has always seen the depth of our love from His Higher Window, the Window that will bring us up and through this Holy Portal when the time comes. I think even Josh Groben does not realize the profound meaning of this nostalgic song. If anyone reads this, I hope you agree with my interpretation because that will mean you too have a forever love.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlThis song makes me want to cry! But I love it:) So gorgeous!
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