I'll Be There

  • This heartfelt ballad written by Phillip White and Steven Dale Jones tells of a father's dedication and devotion to his children. Turner told AOL's The Boot that the song puts a lump in his throat. "I don't know if it's a song that I'm going to be able to pull off live every night, just because it just hits close to home," he said. "It makes me think about myself as a daddy, and when I'm up on stage that's the furthest thing from my mind because I try to separate the two. When I'm up on stage, I'm thinking more about my fans and about myself as a singer and an artist. When I'm at home being a daddy, the last thing I'm thinking about is being an artist. It is two things that I never really put together."
  • Turner told CMT: "That was written by Steven Dale Jones and Phillip White. I'm a big fan of theirs. Steven has kind of an interesting style of writing. He's one of the guys who really writes from the heart, whether you like it or not. He's not out there trying to write this typical manufactured kind of stuff. He's really writing stuff that means something. And so he wrote it about his son. When I heard it, I could just tell it was a genuinely-written song."
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