September Song

Album: Under Grey Skies (2016)
Charted: 7
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  • John Paul Cooper is a self-taught Manchester musician and singer who records under the name of JP Cooper. He first came to people's attention with his featured vocal on the Jonas Blue single "Perfect Strangers."
  • This feel-good, soulful offering finds the dreadlocked singer recalling a teenage romance:

    You were my September Song, summer lasted too long
    Time moves so slowly, when you're only fifteen
    You were my September Song, tell me where have you gone
    Do you remember me, we were only fifteen

    Though the relationship happened many years ago, Cooper still misses the girl.
  • Asked about the song's meaning by Billboard magazine, Cooper replied:

    "September Song" in a nutshell is a nostalgic, innocent look at a teenage romance - probably one of your first romances. Looking back as an adult now at how simple things were back then, having those moments of, like, "I wonder what that person is doing now.

    In the UK, September is when you go back to school after the holiday. So that's the idea, this person has been missing this girl all summer - she's a September song, that's what he's looking forward to. We just wanted to write a song that was really sweet and innocent, it wasn't over sexualized or anything like that."

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  • Rats from Spaghetti Mountainoof i have to analyse this 4 school
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