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  • This song is a sarcastic swipe at strangers who impart uninvited advice. Julia Jacklin explained to Uncut magazine: "Any artist who sits at their own merch table gets unsolicited advice. Sometimes people only seem to know how to interact by telling you what you should be doing. On guitar, with your voice. And honestly, it's always men. Always. And no, it's never usually helpful. But I pretend it is to make it stop."
  • "Convention" is the only track on Crushing that was influenced by political events. Jacklin explained to DIY magazine that she remembers listening to the radio in her mom's kitchen when Trump was announced as the Republican presidential candidate.

    "I just remember this feeling of dread even though I didn't think he would win," she said. "I just thought, oh please don't give people like this a microphone, a platform when there are so many other voices from people that have actually done the work and have important, hopeful, helpful things to say that need to be amplified and listened to."
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