Like There's No Tomorrow

Album: Justin Moore (2009)


  • Moore wrote this song with his frequent collaborators Brian Dean Maher and Jeremy Stover. He recalled to Great American Country just before the album's release: "We wrote that probably five or six years ago. I steered away from writing any love songs up to that point. I said, 'Man, we've got to write a love song. You can't make a record in Nashville without a love song.' But I was like, 'We can't write a sappy, I love you and all this stuff. It has to still be me.' That's one of the most Southern rock-sounding songs on the record it."
  • Moore explained this song's lyrical content to Great American Country: "It's about making love. Some of the lines are, 'Worked hard all week and now you're here with me/ Staring up at a summer sky.' I've been married for two years and I'm gone so much, so I can relate to this song now more than I could then. I'm gone so much and you just don't have time to do some of the things that you used to do together, so it's about taking advantage of the time you do have together and making the most of it."


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