Pinnochio Story

Album: 808s & Heartbreak (2008)
  • This track, where West vents that all his fame and money isn't making him happy as he's broken up with his girl, was originally a live freestyle that West performed at a concert in Singapore. It inspired Beyoncé so much that she told Kanye to put it on his album.
  • West explained in the book Chicken Soup For The Soul: The Story Behind The Song that this song concerns his desire to live a normal life despite his celebrity status. He said: "I don't have to be what a celebrity is supposed to be. I don't want to be a superstar shell of myself. I need to know "Who's the real person?" I don't want to simply be a caricature of myself. 'Real life, what does it feel like? I ask you tonight, I ask you tonight. What does it feel like, I ask you tonight. To live a real life. I just want to be a real boy.'"
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  • Nicole from Grosse Pointe, MiI always thought that the girl in this song was his mom but IDK when he made it soo...
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