Along The Road

Album: Leo Rising (2015)
  • The third single from Karmin's Leo Rising was written back in the days when the duo was still making their name with their interpretations of various rap and pop hits on YouTube. "We had written the song three years ago, before we even signed with a record label or anything was even happening for Karmin," Amy Heidemann told Billboard magazine. "The song has always been really near and dear to our hearts, but when we brought in this guitar player, who happens to have toured with Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keys, he just started playing, I started singing and we basically did the thing in one take. I was like, 'Wow, when's the last time we did something in one take that we mixed, mastered and put out?'"
  • The video was a DIY effort with Karmin doing their own shopping for the production and even building the set. "We knew we were gonna shoot the video on a Wednesday, the Wednesday prior nothing was done yet. So we somehow got a thousand sample shoes from Creative Rec, which were amazing, it was perfect," Nick Noonan explained. "Then we went to Home Depot on Sunday, got all this plywood and paint, painted all the plywood black, made framing and then started drilling them in."

    "And it started hailing, the paint was running everywhere," Heidemann added.


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