Ur So Gay

Album: One of the Boys (2008)
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  • This kiss-off to a former boyfriend was written and co-produced by Greg Wells (Mika, Natasha Bedingfield). He also performed similar duties for "Fingerprints" on the same album.
  • In an interview for her London Live! concert special, Perry said that this song was about the "emo, indie-rocker boys that borrow your makeup and wear your outfits." Said Perry, "I'm still making out with you, and it's kind of an interesting situation that you like me, but you in another life were probably not on my team."
  • Prefix Magazine asked Perry if she felt this song enforced a negative stereotype. The Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter replied: "Every time I play that song, everybody has come back laughing. I'm not the type of person who walks around calling everything gay. That song is about a specific guy that I used to date and specific issues that he had. The song is about my ex wearing guyliner and taking emo pictures of himself in the bathroom mirror. The listeners have to read the context of the song and decide for themselves."
  • This originally was the title track of an EP released in 2007. It got an unsolicited critical boost from Madonna, who referred to the tune as her current ipod favorite. Perry said "I'm still floored by that. It's like, you're Madonna - you don't have time to be listening to my songs!" The EP also featured a club remix of the song by DJ/producer Junior Sanchez (Madonna, Shakira).
  • Perry told the Santa Barbara Independent June 24, 2008 about the first time she heard this song on the radio: "I was on my way, running an errand in Hollywood, and I turn on my radio and I heard them play the Catch of the Day on (LA based station) KROQ. And it was a song from my EP [called] 'UR So Gay.' I literally almost ran into the center divider. I was like, 'Not only am I hearing my song for the first time, but I'm hearing my song on KROQ,' which is so cool. And I just heard that KJEE added the song, too, and I'm like, 'Yeah, hometown hero, let's go!'"
  • The video starred a crew of plastic Barbie and Ken knockoffs and clever, low-budget miniature props. On her MySpace page Perry blogged about the creation of the video: "My friend Walter and I were chatting about wanting to do a little video for it a few weeks ago and I said let's use BARBIES! (they're not official barbies, thank the law!) Walter and team spray painted, wall papered and even LEATHERED the miniature set… I hope you guys pick up on the funny little details… like totally awesome rocker dude. hee hee. We had fun making this."
  • Years after releasing this song, Perry became an activist for LGBTQ rights, and in 2017 she was given the National Equality Award from the Human Rights Campaign.

    Said Perry: "There's no other community that has done more to shape who I am today, and there is no other community that I believe in more than you. You don't get to choose your family, but you can choose your tribe. Many of the people I work with, trust and admire belong to the LGBTQ community, and without them I'd be half of the person I am today. My life is rich in every capacity because of them. They are trusted allies that provide a safe space to fall and to make mistakes. These are the people I hold dear."

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  • Rich from Tx she lying it’s about pete wentz
  • John from ThereShe's lying about a lot of the meaning behind it bc I am that guy...and the reason she wrote it is because I prayed to God asking for my soul mate & to live a celebrity life style & less than 2 months later Katy Perry picks me up at a bar, we date this & that...AND SHE wrote this song bc I wouldnt have sex with her until we got married...Because without a doubt God answered my prayer & I knew I had to do it the right way otherwise we wouldnt have his blessing...Theres nothing homo about me or any type of make up & what not.. I am a United States Marine, a solid man with morals & all the above, theres nothing gay about me...But this song is nothing more than her being butt hurt bc I wouldnt put out until we had Gods blessing
  • Randy Fuller from MarsWhat's wrong with gay being used as an insult never did get that.
  • Jessica from Tulsa, OkI agree with Mark because though the song is called "Ur so gay", the lyrics even claim, "and you don't even like boys". On the radio interview with Howard Stern, she said he was a little too metrosexual but more than likely, her ex was full of himself.
  • Carine from Middle Village, Nyi like this song. stop seeing this as a philosophy lesson.
  • Jeana from Sterling Heights, Miit's really runny and it's not bashing gay's or saying gay like in insult "OMG THAT'S SO GAY!!!" she's talking about an ex boyfriend who she thinks he's literally gay.
  • Reuben from Kent, United KingdomI think this song is musically good, but... The problem is that whilst the intention is innocent, it gives the message that "gay" is an insult, and therefore a bad thing. hense, it encourages a hideously outmoded idea that being gay is somehow unnatural. This has encouraged a worrying trend back toward apathetic homophobia in the pre-teen generation, is immensely irresponsibl, and besides - we gays are so gay, we get real tetchy when people use our identity as an insult. "If you think that's homophobic, you should just Jew off and stop being so bloody black about it!" - Simon Amstell, discussing this song on "'Buzzcocks"
  • Mark from Augusta, Gashe's not bashing gays or calling emos gay, she's singing about a vain, metrosexual ex-boyfriend who takes too much time prettying himself up
  • Nicollette from San Fernando, Trinidad And TobagoWhy dont you like Katy Perry? She's hot but the lyrics in her songs makes her sound like a real bitch but they're the best right?? Maybe she shouldn't have used the term "gay" for a person who is emo because emo is just a whole category by itself but whatever!!
  • Nady from Adelaide, Australiaohhh as in he's like emo?? i get it now:P i still dont like katy perry
  • Nady from Adelaide, Australiawhat???nah Im not sure Im understanding Rose...please explain???
  • Rose from St.louis, MoI don't think that she was dissing guys who use sunblock, nady.... I think she was refering to the fact that the guy she is talking about HAS to be extremely pale, in his point of view.
  • Nady from Adelaide, AustraliaBecause wearing sunblock is, omigod, just so gay. This woman needs to be shot in the foot.
  • Emily from -, Milol I love the ending of this song... :P
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