On The Road

Album: Strangeland (2012)


  • This song about ignoring fear of the unknown and going on an adventure was the last track Tim Rice-Oxley wrote for Strangeland. He commented: "It started off feeling a bit more country, but gradually got more and more energetic. It's one of my favourites - I love the optimism of it."
  • Said Rice-Oxley regarding the song's inspirations: "The feeling of being on an adventure, sleeping under the stars and so on is all stuff that I love - I had just been reading Woody Guthrie's Bound For Glory. And I think it has some of the grace and acceptance that recur in 'Watch How You Go' and 'In Your Own Time.'"
  • Rice-Oxley commented to NME that the Strangeland album title is akin to "an adventure... full of uncertainty, and the potential for mishap, as well as the possibility of amazing things and glorious discoveries."
    He added: "I love the idea of the journey through 'Strangeland' being a journey of redemption."


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