Sea Fog

Album: Strangeland (2012)


  • Keane keyboardist and principal songwriter Tim Rice-Oxley took inspiration for this intimate song, "from the fogs that come rolling in off the English Channel down the valley where I live." He added: "Even on a sunny day you'll look out of the window and suddenly you can't see anything apart from blank mist. It's spooky."
  • Rice-Oxley discussed the song's meaning: "The nagging feeling of 'Is there somewhere I'm meant to be?' is a feeling that I think haunts a lot of people as they get a little older," he said, "and the feeling of being 'rolled' along by life is part of being human I think."
  • The song concludes the standard edition of Strangeland. "It's a pretty downbeat song," said Rice-Oxley, "but I like the fact that the album doesn't just end with a nice, neat 'everything's going to be ok' message. Life is not that straightforward, it's unpredictable and uncertain and painted in shades of grey rather than being simple black-and-white."
  • Keane also recorded a version that contained a whole extra section in the middle, with drums and bass and horns and strings on it. However, according to Rice-Oxley, they decided, "there was some magic in the simplicity of the original demo, so we recorded it again in a much simpler arrangement."


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